Friday, June 2, 2023 6:45 pm

A complete entertainment weekend for Tamil Movie Fans

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This weekend is a complete entertainment for Tamil  movie fans.
Every week a film is released by many directors in the Tamil film industry. Moreover, if it is any festive period, a film starring many leading actors will be released and screened as Cinema Mass. All those days are a celebration for movie fans or fans of the actor or actress.

Today 5 movies have been released on a single day in the Tamil film industry. The fans are excited as 5 films like ‘Custody’ directed by Venkatprabu, ‘Good Night’ directed by Manikandan, ‘Ravana Kottam’ by Shanthanu, ‘Farhana’ by Aishwarya Rajesh and ‘Music School’ by Shreya Saran are released with different storylines.

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