Friday, June 2, 2023 5:48 pm

5K Students Selected for Reliance Foundation Scholarship

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The Reliance Foundation Undergraduate Scholarship will be given to 5,000 first-year undergraduate students from 27 states and four union territories for year 2022–2023.

They will receive a reward of Rs. 2 lakhs and an opportunity   to join the alumni network.

The charitable division of Reliance Industries is called Reliance Foundation. The 5,000 scholars were chosen from around 40,000 candidates from 4,984 educational institutions based on merit, class 12 marks, and other qualifying exams. Of them, 51% are women.

In this round, scholarships were awarded to 99 disabled students. “Reliance Foundation Scholarship believes in giving young people’s ambitions wings by facilitating access to education. Scholars from a range of disciplines and all Indian states are equally represented in this group, which includes both girls and boys. According to Jagannatha Kumar, CEO of the Reliance Foundation, “We congratulate each and every selected scholar and hope that they will contribute to the development of India while creating a bright future for themselves.”

Over the following ten years, the organisation will grant 50,000 scholarships, according to its announcement.

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