Friday, June 2, 2023 5:01 pm

Bus-Sized Asteroid 2023 JL1 is nearing Earth today , according to NASA

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Experts from NASA, the American space agency, have issued a warning regarding an asteroid the size of a bus that is predicted to come as close to Earth possibly today.Because a collision with an incoming asteroids could cause a catastrophic loss of human life, asteroids always make headlines.
NASA’s Asteroid Watch website states that the 39-foot bus-sized asteroid 2023 JL1 will pass Earth at a distance of 2,490,000 kilometres. It is moving at a speed of 26,316 km per hour.

Additionally, NASA has issued advisories for the asteroids 2023 JO1 and 2023 JD2. The former, which is the size of a house (46 feet) and will come the closest to Earth at a distance of 2,990,000 km, and the latter, which is the size of an airliner (200 feet) and will pass by Earth at a distance of 5,630,000 km, respectively.

Notably, the NASA dashboard monitors comets and asteroids that will pass quite close to Earth. For each encounter, the dashboard shows the date of closest approach, a rough estimation of object diameter, relative size, and distance from Earth. It keeps tabs on asteroids that are 7.5 million miles away from Earth.

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