Friday, June 2, 2023 6:44 pm

In preparation for the great “Sengol” ceremony, Tamil Nadu seers arrive in Delhi.

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Prior to the new parliament’s inauguration on Sunday, approximately 30 pontiffs from various Adheenams in Tamil Nadu gathered in the city and paid a visit to the Uttara Swami Malai temple on Friday.

These heads of mutts from Trichy, Madurai, and other locations also altered Tamil hymns like Thevaram to provide a preview of the inaugural rituals. For the occasion, around 60 religious leaders have been invited, many of whom are from Tamil Nadu.

Adheenams, also known as mutts, are notable for bringing religion to the common people and have a history of fighting against upper caste dominance in Tamil Nadu. They date back hundreds of years in many cases.

The president of the temple, Balasubramanian, claimed that these mutt heads were well informed about Tamil traditions and customs and that their presence in the parliament would only enhance it.

The Sengol shouldn’t bend, they say in Tamil. It’s a representation of justice, and we should be happy that old-fashioned symbols are regaining their proper status, he remarked.

Earlier in the day, the Congress questioned the BJP’s assertions regarding the Sengol’s history and its significance in India’s Independence.

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