Wednesday, June 7, 2023 10:57 am

New Ordinance by centre Gives more power to LG: AAP Calls Action “Dictatorial”

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A new law introduced by the Centre gives the Lieutenant Governor of Delhi control over “transfer posting, vigilance, and other incidental matters.”

The ordinance amends the GNCTD Act and was published late on Friday, May 19, in the Extraordinary Gazette of India. It happens just a few days after the Supreme Court granted respite to the Delhi administration by ruling that the “elected” authorities have control over these issues.

The chief minister, chief secretary, and principal secretary (home) of Delhi will make up the new organisation known as the “National Capital Civil Service Authority,” which would be established in accordance with the new ordinance. It will be up to this body to “make recommendations” to the LG.

The new ordinance gives “majority decision” under Section 45 E authority and gives it the ability to make a decision, even if the CM will be the NCCSA’s chairperson.

In other words, the CM’s vote won’t matter if the chief secretary and home secretary concur.

Not only that, even the LG would have the final say in the event of a disagreement between the NCCSA and the LG.

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