Friday, June 2, 2023 5:26 pm

Re-checking /Re-valuation of TN Plus 2 Answer sheet from today (May 9).

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The results of the 12th class general examinations held in Tamil Nadu March 2023 were released across Tamil Nadu yesterday (May 8) morning. Tamil Nadu Minister Anbil Mahesh had announced that 94.03% students passed this class 12th general examination. The notification regarding the re-checking for this examination has been published.

The Department of School Education has announced that in Tamil Nadu, from today (May 9) in the morning to May 13 till 5 pm, candidates can only apply for a copy of their answer sheet or a copy of their answer sheet through the centers where individual candidates have written the exam.

Also, it has been reported that a fee of Rs.275 will be charged for the copy of this answer sheet, Rs.205 for re-checking, and Rs.305 for biology subject only.

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