Wednesday, June 7, 2023 8:03 am

Russia Ukraine War :Ukraine Claim to destroy 35 Iraninan-made Shahed Drone fired by Russia

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According to Ukraine’s highest military command, its forces destroyed all 35 Iranian-made Shahed drones that Russia had fired at various targets around the nation overnight. Overnight, 35 Shahed drones built in Iran were used by Russia to assault the territory around Kiev.

Additionally, 61 airstrikes and 52 attacks using heavy rocket salvo fire systems were launched throughout the course of the previous day against the positions of Ukrainian forces and inhabited areas, the statement continued.

The Financial Times reported that the European Union has recommended penalties against seven Chinese businesses who are allegedly exporting equipment that might be incorporated into weapons for Russia’s conflict in Ukraine.

According to the story, which was based on information from a copy of the sanctions list seen by the Financial Times, seven Chinese companies have been included in a new set of sanctions that EU member states will review this week.

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