Friday, June 2, 2023 5:17 pm

Significant victory for the Delhi government in the Tussle Vs Centre case at the Supreme Court The

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The Supreme Court of India upheld the Delhi government’s control over the city’s administrative services in a significant decision. The court ruled that the government’s choice regarding the administrative services must be binding on the Lieutenant Governor.

The decision was made following a protracted disagreement over administrative services control between the Delhi government and the Lieutenant Governor. The Delhi government had argued that it was unconstitutional for the Lieutenant Governor to interfere with how the administration operated, while the Lieutenant Governor had asserted that he had the authority to do so.

The Supreme Court’s verdict, which established Delhi’s jurisdiction to make all decisions pertaining to the services, including posting, transfers, and disciplinary action, has, however, put an end to the controversy. The Lieutenant Governor must now carry out the government’s decision and is not permitted to interfere with the operation of the administration unless there is a legitimate reason for it.

The decision is anticipated to have significant effects on how the Delhi administration operates and how it interacts with the Lieutenant Governor. The decision is being hailed as a success for the Delhi government and a crucial step towards enhancing the nation’s federal system.

Delhi’s decision after years of conflict with various Lieutenant Governors since assuming power in 2013, AAP celebrated its win. SATYAMEV JAYATE. Win for Delhi. Raghav Chadha, an AAP MP, tweeted that the Supreme Court’s precedent-setting decision “sends a stern message that officers working with the Delhi government are meant to serve (the) people of Delhi through the elected government and not unelected usurpers parachuted by Centre to stall governance, namely LG (Lt Governor).





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