Friday, June 2, 2023 6:32 pm

Swiggy delivery executive on strike in chennai for increase in incentive and allowance

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On Monday, a portion of Swiggy’s delivery executives went on strike in protest of increased fees of Rs 5 to Rs 10 per kilometre as well as allowances and incentives.

Deliveries are paid Rs 5 each kilometre since Swiggy service was introduced in the city. Petrol cost roughly Rs. 60 per litre at that time. Now, a litre costs Rs.102. Taking into account the price hike. For all necessities, it would be appropriate to increase the rate to Rs. 15, but we are only asking for Rs. 10. It is a legitimate request that management engage in negotiations with us claimed Ramakrishna, general secretary of the association for executives in the distribution of food and other commodities.

Due to a strike by food delivery workers, restaurants in various areas of the city, such as OMR and Adyar, were closed on Monday morning.
Later in the day, though, services carried on as usual.

Employees at Swiggy left their jobs in protest of the new pay scales and to demand the continuation of the daily/weekly incentive allowance.

According to delivery executives, the new approach would require them to work longer shifts (more than 12 hours), but they are  unable to reach their incentive goals.

Prior to this, senior delivery executives received a monthly incentive of Rs 5000, a weekend travel bonus of Rs 1000, a monthly phone recharge of Rs 300, and a vehicle oil change allowance of Rs 250, according to Ramakrishna.Now, food distributors are abused by lengthy hours of labour without any form of financial protection, he claimed.

The thirty demands made by the protesting employees included a minimum delivery fee of Rs 30 instead of Rs 20, and payment of Rs 20 rather than Rs 10 for batch orders.

Additionally, they urged that supply executives being harassed by fleet managers be stopped.

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