Friday, June 2, 2023 5:21 pm

Tamil Nadu Minister Senthil Balaji Takes Strict Action Against Crime in Liquor Shops

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Liquor stores in Tamil Nadu continue to be the state’s largest revenue generator. The state government is keeping a careful eye on these outlets’ timing and price, though. The government is taking harsh action against criminals in order to stop criminal activity at these establishments.

Senthil Balaji, the minister for Tamil Nadu, recently convened a press conference to discuss this matter. He stated that the government is committed to make sure that liquor stores abide by all laws and that any criminal activity will not be tolerated.

The minister emphasised that the government has put rigorous controls in place to stop illegal activities, such smuggling and bootlegging, from occurring at liquor stores. He also advised people to alert the authorities to any suspicious activity.

The Tamil Nadu government is making continual efforts to keep law and order in liquor stores with the ultimate goal of protecting the safety and wellbeing of the general public.





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