Wednesday, June 7, 2023 10:41 am

PM arrived back after ending his three nation tour

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After ending his three-nation tour of Japan, Papua New Guinea, and Australia, the PM arrived in India on Thursday. The prime minister stated that the world is interested in what India is thinking while speaking to party workers at Delhi’s Palam airport.

“I look into the eyes of the world when I discuss the culture of my nation. You have established a nation-wide government with an absolute majority, which has given me this confidence. People who love India, not PM Modi, are the ones who have come here, he claimed.

The topic of India’s vaccine diplomacy was also covered by the prime minister. “The locals questioned me about why I distributed the immunizations to everyone. I wish to highlight that Gandhi and Buddha both came from this country. Even our enemies are cared  by us. According to Modi, “the world wants to know what India is thinking right now,” according to ANI.


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