Wednesday, June 7, 2023 8:48 am

A Teenager Opened Fire in a Serbian Elementary School, Killing Eight Students And a Security Guard.

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Belgrade, 3 May 2023 – A terrible incident occurred today at a school in Serbia, where a shooting rampage took the lives of nine people. The incident occurred in the city of Belgrade, at an undisclosed educational institution.

According to initial reports, the shooter was a student at the school. The student opened fire indiscriminately, killing nine persons, including students and staff members. The exact number of those injured in the shooting has yet to be determined.

Authorities have announced that the shooter has been caught, and an investigation is underway. The motive for the attack is yet unknown, and authorities have yet to issue a statement.

According to preliminary accounts, the perpetrator of the shooter was promptly apprehended by emergency personnel, including ambulances and police, who took charge of the situation. The injured have been sent to nearby hospitals for treatment.

The Serbian President has extended his sympathies to the victims’ families and assured them that the administration will offer them with all essential assistance during this difficult moment.

This horrific incidence has sent shockwaves across the country, highlighting the need for further efforts to combat gun violence.

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