Wednesday, June 7, 2023 12:37 pm

Members of the Indian Australian Diaspora Foundation (IADF) welcomed PM Modi with sporting tri-colour-themed turbans and waving national flags.

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About 170 persons of Indian ancestry flew on a chartered aeroplane from Melbourne to Sydney to attend a Prime Minister Narendra Modi event.
Today morning, the Qantas flight touched down in Sydney.

The members of the Indian Australian Diaspora Foundation (IADF), carrying tricolour turbans and waving Indian flags , danced their way to the plane known as “Modi Airways” by the Prime Minister’s supporters.

According to a statement from the Australian government, the IADF is hosting the event in Sydney to honour Australia’s vibrant and diversified Indian community, which it described as “a core part of our multicultural community.”

According to Dr. Amit Sarwal, co-founder of the IADF, “there are many people waiting outside the event venue as well, where they will be cheering for PM Modi.”

The Australian counterpart Anthony Albanese and Prime Minister Modi will meet today in Sydney.

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